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Please note that submissions to the journal are, for the time being, not being accepted. All enquiries should be directed to Co-Managing Editor, Martin Samson

The Journal for the Renewal of Religion and Theology ( JRRT ) has ceased publication for the time being. JRRT has been published online as an 'Open Acess' journal and continues to be freely accessed by readers and contributors free of charge. Papers are not currently being accepted. Papers, articles and essays already submitted and published conform to the academic guidelines set out in 'submissions'. Papers have been subjected to peer-review before publication. Pertinent articles, essays and reviews have also been published.

Focus & Scope
Material has been published that explores the widest field of religion and theology - especially aspects that might not have normally received focus. JRRT deals with mainstream Western religions and spirituality, along with Eastern and Middle Eastern religious streams. There has also been the possibility for submissions dealing with indigenous religious culture along with new areas of religious development, and other religious and theological expressions that might not normally be addressed in mainstream studies.

JRRT encourages diversity along with rigorous thinking and research aimed at both established and emerging phenomena in the religious and theological fields. The diverse membership of the editorial board endeavours to be an expression of the focus and scope of JRRT.

Archived Journals are accessible through the international research database services of >>EBSCO - thus all material published in JRRT has the potential of a large exposure within the world-wide research community.

JRRT is in need of a small amount of funding each year. If you would like to make a contribution of US$20 please contact us by email at 'JRRT Donations'.

You can access the last journal published >> Here

Research Links
Our Research Links page lists top research sites that include JRRT. Listings include ...

The Australian Association for the Study of Religion;
INTUTE Arts and Humanities Research Resources
EBSCO Electronic Journals Service;
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